Star Trek: The Final Days... The Growth

From the universe of the Crew of the U. S. S. Enterprise-D who discovered the U. S. S. Enterprise-C lives a crew living in a war filled universe. These are the voyages of the warship U. S. S. Demeckery, on their continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, and seek out new life and civilizations and assimilate them into the growing Federation of Planets which will destroy those who resist...
The captains escort shuttle hovered near the McGooroo Station where the brand new Starship Warship Demeckery lied waiting for it's maiden voyage. Captain Antoine Reid sat inside the shuttle with the very annoying and stupid Lieutenant Matt Butler, ships Tactical officer.
" Is this your first time, Sir?" asked Butler.
" No, it's about my third, Lieutenant." Said Reid very sternly.
" It is a beautiful ship Captain. There she is, the U. S. S. Demeckery. Or it could be a he... most captains refer to their ships as a she, although.."
Reid growled in fustration. "I don't care if you refer to it as a girl or a boy, it's both, okay it's both!"
Matt Butler nodded his head and smiled. " that is very smart, sir! Both. At least we know your not a sexy person."
" Lieutenant, the word is sexist, not sexy! Sexist! Reid to Demeckery, permission to dock."
Aboard the Demeckery just as the captains message came through, Commander Seven of Nine turned around to the senior staff. " All hail and salute the honorable Captain Antoine Reid."
The senior staff stiffened up as the doors hissed opened and the Dark skinned half Vulcan half Betazoid male came through. " That Butler is the most annoying person I have ever met in my entire life! Commander Seven of Nine, IM Captain Antoine Reid. Where are my senior officers?"
The Borg women turned as she nodded in acknowledgment to her Captain. " Of coarse, senior officers, recite your name and position."
" Lieutenant Perafusha, Navigation's officer."
" Lieutenant Commander Joshua Parker, Cheif Engineer."
" Doctor Lyston Ipics, Chief Medical Officer."
" Lieutenant K'Aku Soj, Head Security Officer."
" Lieutenant Noi, Stellacatography Officer."
" Lieutenant Jamie Satterfeild, Operations Officers."
" Lieutenant Phor, Head Science Officer."
The Captain nodded to his Senior staff who looked like they were fresh out of the Academy but officers were scarce these days due to the war with the aliens of the universe. " It is very nice to meet you all, I am sure you will fit in with some of the officers of my previous vessel. You are dismissed, return to your stations and prepare for launch."
The officers left and Commander Seven went to walk wit the Captain. " Sir, Lieutenant Matt Butler is the Ships Tactical Officer."
" How could anyone like Butler have such a big job like Tactical officer?" he asked.
" I think they call it Luck, Sir. Where are we going to pick up the officers from your previous ship?" she asked.
" On Gargana which is our current mission. We will meet with the Gargana officials and get the treaty signed which will get us a new planet to help out in this bloody war were in."
Meanwhile on Gargana, Empress Brotana was talking with Commander Harris, Major Kira, Lieutenant Cramer and Miss Carey. As the Empress was called away by one of her servants, the four officers were talking about how beautiful the plant filled Gargana was, Heather Cramer stumbled backwards and one of her feet fell upon the grassy plain, an alarmed sounded and the officers looked around with a puzzled face. A servant ran to Empress Brotana, and she turned around with a pale face but she was clearly angry. " Get her, Get Her!!!" yelled a servant.
" Someone's in trouble," Whispered Kira to the other officers "I wonder who it is."
A servant ran up behind Cramer and slapped some security cuffs on her risks. He pulled out a small phaser and held it to her temple. The officers were stunned and Kira dropped her glass she was drinking from. Cramer tried not to move or say anything but she couldn't hold it in anymore. " What's the meaning of this?"
" You are under arrest. You have killed one hundred unarmed civilians. Any attempt to break her out of the Gargana jail will be looked at as a crime. She is now property of Gargana."
The officers were stunned and wanted to attack the servant and run but they resisted. The crew of the Demeckery were their only hope right now...
* * *
Star Trek: The Final Days

" Captain Reid sat in the middle of the bridge. The crew was running around preparing for the launch. The turbo-lift hissed open and Commander Seven of Nine briskly walked through and handed her captain the padd with all the preperation remarks.
" Seven, are we ready for launch?"
" We are awaiting premisson from the McGooroo station. I think we will be prepared to launch in a matter of minutes."
Reid swivled around in his chair and pressed the communication intercom button. " Reid to crew; prepare for launch!"
A long line of crew members waited in a line to get off the ship. Some were maintinence crews, engineering and medical teams. Some were former members of the past Demeckery who were going to start over from the beggining. Dr. Amber Moore, former CMO of the Demeckery and daughter of Dr. Beverly Moore, stood in the line as well just behind the former Navigations officer Lt. Thomas ( Tommy) Blau. She was surprised to see him for she thought Blau would never leave the Demeckery. As a matter of fact, she thought SHE would never leave. " Mr. Blau, I had no idea you were leaving as well!"
Blau turned to her and put down his bags. " No, no, I am never leaving this vessle! I just need some time off, thats all. I decided to take a transport to Earth and visit my grandparents."
In the previous misson of the former Demeckery which resulted in their last misson, Amber, Cmdr. Harris, Lt. Cmdr. Motten and Counselor Pitts travled into Earth's 20th century to find a alien assasin who ploted to kill President Clinton , a Russian doctor who discovered a alien sighting and a priest who somehow had visions of the future for he painted pictures of starships, and aliens that would not appear for years. The misson lasted for months and it ended with two timelines running at the same time and ending at the same time as well and resulting in the current timeline which was slightly changed. It also ended with Counselor Pitts, Cmdr. Harris's lover, crashing into Mars and dying instantly. WELL, that's only half the story, you'll here the rest later.
Moore put her bags down now, very exausted from the misson and ready to start over, and looked at Blau. " Oh that's nice. I suppose I should visit mine one day when Im not involved in this war."
" Yeah, you should try it. Hey, here's a picture of them."
Moore took the pictures and gasped. She couldn't get a word out and looked over at Blau. " Blade and Marsha..."
Blau took the picture back and looked at it surprisly. " Ah, only people in my family knows my grandpa's nick name, Blade. SAY, you didn't meet him while you were on that misson a week ago did you..."
" Of course not! Just, Just because my face looks like your grandma's and I know your grandpa's name means nothing! You think that I somehow am your grandma? HA, I think Im going to go over to transporter room two. BYE."
Blau looked over at her leave and shook his head. " That women gets stranger by the episode."
As she strolled through the corridor, she passed the one person she was hoping not to pass. " Mom..."
Beverly Moore looked at her daughter and smiled. " Dear, your not even un packed yet! Come on, I'll help you settle in. Sick-bay needs you anyway, that Dr. Ipics is one strange fellow. Come on now."
As Amber was being led in the opposite direction of the Transporter room. She finally stopped and took her mothers hands from her shoulders. " NO!! I can't hide it anymore! Mom, I am NOT the CMO of this vessle. Ipics is."
" But... I saw your name under the senior officer role!"
" Mom, there is just things you can't possibly understand. I always thought I needed you to be where ever I was because of how dad was lost in space action. After that Mars misson, I now know that I, Amber Moore, do not need to be held down any longer! I have been CMO of the Demeckery for... seven years now. You have been here with me all that time. I said YES, I will be the CMO of the newest Demeckery. I changed my mind. Starfleet also offered the CMO position on this new ship, the Defiant, a defiant class vessle. It's really neat. The misson is to fight off the Qomz forces from Tarok Nor, the space station near Bajor. It seems like Starfleet wants to occupy the ambandoned Station that the Qomz have occupied and make it into Deep Space Nine."
Beverly felt the blood rush through her body. She couldn't let her little girl go. " Honey, the Defiant is one of the SMALLEST vessles I have ever seen. You would be so much safer on here with me and your friends..."
The computer screen comm channel lit up between them. Seven of Nine's image appeared. " Attention, all non-crew member need to report ot the McGooroo station now. The Demeckery will launch and set course for Gargana in one minute, thirteen seconds."
The two Moore women looked at eachother with sympathy in eachother's eyes. Amber picked up her bags and grabbed herself tightly. " Well, that's my clue to get out of here. Mom, you have to understand, I need some time ot myself, to become a women. I love you... I hope I can get the communication's security chanel on the Defiant open and I will send you a message. Bye now."
Amber walked off from her mom who stood with her mouth open and hand over her mouth. As Amber got ready to turn the corner, she looked back one last time and contenued on her new journey of life. Beverly Moore now knew what it felt like to be alone for the second time in her life.
Seven turned to her captain. Reid was looking over a padd she gave him. It was time. She felt what humans would call anxiety, something she hadn't felt for years. The last time she felt this was when she had to turn on the Voyager crew and Captain Janeway in order to start a life of her own. " Demckery to McGooroo station, permisson to launch."
" Permisson Granted, God's speed to you all."
Reid set down his padd and stood to his feet. He had forgotten how good it felt to be in command again. " Lt. Perafusha, are you ready to lead us out of here?"
The pink Perafusha swivled her chair back around to her control station. " I will have to adjust ships settings first, Captain. Perafusha to Cheif Parker, what speed should the ship travel to Gargana at?"
In engineering, Parker had just gotten all his systems online. He had just turned around when Perafusha came on. " Uh... I suggest a speed no greater than warp five at the moment, we can take it easy on the engines."
Perafusha entered the course in and turned to face her superior officers. " Course layed in and set, Captain. I am ready."
Matt Butler looked at his station and looked behind him as well. The security communique channel was blinking. He went to the station and pressed the clearance command. " Captain, we had a commuinique from Gargana just come in"
" Is that so? Play the message, Butler."
" Major Kira.... ere, communi... is bad due to Gargan... odd variations being let... ff by the plane.... Reid, we need you here as quickly as possible. Cramer... taken inoto custody by... Brotana. Hurry, her... is in your hands. Kira ou..."
Reid felt his heart sink and looked at Seven. " Let me guess, those are your former officers we were going to meet in a day or so?"
" Correct, only now were going to meet them in a day. Take us up to warp six. Ready?"
" Systems on. Lock and load, were ready to roll."
Reid smiled and sat back in his chair. " Your a natural poet, Perafusha. Do us the honors."
Seven set her rib cage up her and walked up behind the operation's manager's chair. " Set course for Gargana, ENGAGE."
The newest Demeckery detached itself from the McGooroo Station and hovered by the near by sun. As this peaceful moment seemed as if it could last forever, the crew didn't know that this would be one of the best moments in their time in space. The ship lurched foward and launched itself into space where it disapeared in a burst of light.
* * *
Star Trek: The Final Days
" Misson Status: The U.S.S. Demeckery has set course for the planet Gargana where they will assist in getting Lt. Heather Cramer, Science officer (Seinior) out of Gargana's jail..."
The Demeckery arrived at Gargana and was prepared to beam their officers aboard. Seven of Nine was appointed to welcome the new officers to the ship which she did not like to do. She entered the transporter room and looked at the officer at the controls. The officer nodded and pushed the controls upward egnitiating the familure buzz of the transporter. Four blue lights appeared and took the forms of the new officers. As they stopped, the former Commander of the vessle looked around and stepped down first twords Seven. " Hi there, Im Commander Adam Harris of the Demeckery..."
" THAT is incorrect. I am Seven of Nine, Commander of the Demeckery. You are in fact the Executive officer."
Harris was furious with this women. He took another step foward and Kira Nyres's hand jetted foward. " We have no time for this! Our officer could as well be dead by now! Commander Nine, tell the captain to start a seinior officer's meeting imidietly!
* * *
In the confrence room of the Demeckery, the crew looked at the displays. " So then a servant shoots Cramer and takes her away for stepping on grass. That is in fact crazy!" Said Kira
" Captain, we have to get her out. If Starfleet doesn't send reinforcements then we will just have to take her out by force." Said Harris.
Perafusha straighten herself out and leaned foward. " Wait, we are suppose to be getting people to help us out in this war. If we break her out that will lose Gargana and also violate the prime directive."
" Prime Directive my ass!" Yelled Harris. " Heather is a human being, grass is a plant. If she killed humanoids I could see that as a crime but stepping on grass which is a accident and could not be prevented?! That is crazy and not just."
Seven of Nine's head faced him and looked at him straight in the eyes. " That is your point of view, Commander. Think of it in their eyes. Plants on their planet are equal to people. We cannot ignore that fact."
K'Aku Soj looked in dismay. " Hold it Commander Seven! Harris is right! This is a living human being who's life is in stake here for stepping on plants..."
" No, Seven of Nine is right! WE just are looking at it from our point of view. We have to think of their way of life..." Stated Carey, the Brotanicallist of the ship.
Kira looked at Reid who sat there like a typical Vulcan; hands steepled listening with all contempt. " Well, Reid, your the Captain of this vessle! What the hell do you think about all this?"
Reid straighten his uniform jacket and took a deep breathe. " I see what both parties of saying. i have to agree with Perafusha; the Federation needs Gargana on our side. We have to settle this in a logical way."
Perafusha looked at the written report of the situation and handed it to the Counselor beside her. " The only way we could possibly have a case in this whole matter is if she was not aware of the rules of Gargana."
Kira and Harris looked at eachother and said at the same time " She didn't."
The Counselor looked at the Captain, " Sir, the logical thing to do in this matter would be too take a away team misson to the planet, talk things over."
The crew looked at the Captain all at the same time. He peered up and smiled ( Reid was not ALL Vulcan, only part Vulcan and he showed his emotions easily). " A logical plan. I will lead an away team to the planet. Phor, Soj, Ipics, your with me, I want a away team of security officers with me. Seven you have the..."
At the mention of her name, she stood up and stood over Reid. " I cannot allow you to go on a away team misson, Sir. Starfleet protocols clearly states that the Captain stays on bourd while second in command goes on a away team misson."
Harris got out of his seat and looked at Reid. Reid looked dissapointed but he broke a smile and hit the table gently. " Of course, what was I thinking! Seven, lead the team and get Cramer back. Dismissed."
The officers left the room as Harris now loomeed over Reid. The captain laughed and put his hands behind his head. " Harris, good to have you abourd."
Harris found it hard to smile at this. " Captain, permisson to speak freely..."
" Permisson granted. I thought you were going to ask soon. I could tell it by how you looked at the newest Demeckery Commander."
" Sir, I find it VERY hard to sit here and watch that Seven of whatever treat you like a child! When I was Commander and sat next to you on the former Demeckery, I treated you like my friend and superior. How can you sit there and let her treat you like this?"
Reid looked up with all his Vulcan cool and laughed to himself. " Adam, I sit here and take all of that from Seven because she comes from a hard background. She comes from the U.S.S. Voyager, Kathryn Janeway's vessle. Im sure you remember our last encounter with that women."
" Of course I do, Captain. I was not aware she returned to this quardrant!"
" She hasn't. Seven of Nine is the only member of the Voyager crew who has returned to the Alpha Quardrant. She came back a couple months ago, she was a member of the Borg collective. She informed Starfleet of the Voyager's missons and casulties and everything. Starfleet thought that it would be a great help to the fleet to have a former Borg other than that Jean-Luc we so much despise to help us out in the next Borg threat. So as you can see, a child being assimulated to the Borg collective, turn into human twenty years later and now back among humans, thats pretty hard. Please do me a favor and treat her well for at least our first year, Mr. Harris."
Harris was getting intrested in this Seven of Nine character. He walked to the door and as it hissed open, he turned back to the captain who was turned around facing the planet that slowly turned in front of the Demeckery. " Captain, I will take you up on that be nice to Borg lady for a year deal. And also, Sir, glad to be back home."
Reid smiled and nodded to Harris as he left the captain alone in the confrence room. The sun of Gargana beamed through the window and feeled the room with a bright light that made Reid shiver a little. He sat back in his chair and looked at Gargana through slit eyes. " Im glad to be home too." he whispered to the himself and the empty room.
* * *
Star Trek : The Final Days
-- Misson Status: The U.S.S. Demeckery has encountered trouble in getting Science officer Heather Cramer out of the Gargana jail. Now, on with the misson...
Butler quickly alerted the Transporter room. Reid whirled out of his chair and stalked around the bridge yelling out orders to everyone. " Butler, go to war alert, tatical procedures. Perafusha, maintain orbit but be ready to break it at any time. Reid to Soj, we have a missing officer, prepare your officers!"
Amabassador Kira confronted Reid and looked at him in a alarmed way. " What exaclty are we planning to do? We have a treaty and Cramer to think about. Plus the other officer now missing."
The Vulcan turned and looked at Gean Bailey who prepared the communications station. " Get that thing working... hail them. We are far from being nice to Gargana now, were right down to being mean and annoying as hell."
* * *
Cramer's eye opened and she blinked them until she finally pulled herself up. She looked around to see where she was and remembered all that had happend. She was in some type of holding cell that was made from the remains of a cave. It was hot ans stuffy in the cave and she grabbed on to the wall as she looked about to see what all was around.
" Your not going to find a way out, young lady. Belive me, I should know."
She was startled about the voice and looked all around her. " Who's... whos there? Idenitfy yourslef now!!!"
A figure came out from a corner and stopped before her. It was a old man, scrappy face, clearly humanoid. He was dirty and looked exausted. " I have been here for years, young lady. I have tried to find or make a way out but it is simply impossible. I am Dr. Rubin Fagan, CMO of the U.S.S. Defiant."
Cramer looked at him and realized who the man was. He was from a Defiant from a time where the Federations goal was to protect civilizations and explore strange new worlds, not destroy them. She staggerd foward, still effected by the phaser hit and grabbed his hand. " Your the Dr. Fagan? Of the U.S.S. Defiant? The Federation proclaimed you and the Defiant lost in action after they searched for the vessle... I read all your research on holographic bio-canics."
" Didn't know I had a fan. SO... you are...?"
" Cramer, Lt. Heather Cramer. Science officer of the U.S.S. Demeckery."
The man smiled and slumped against the wall. " A Federation vessle? So your... Starfleet! Did your ship fall into that Klingon Khitomer trap like us? We barely made it. I and a few others crashed on the planet and hit a tree. Beofre I could explain, a Emporer Broxis put me in here and killed my comrads."
" Well, I stepped on the grass. Another thing... your vessle was lost in the 23rd century... this is the 24th centurey. Plus, the Federation is at war and we took out the Klingons years and years ago. THey are rebuilding their empire."
The man looked at her with cold dark eyes and shut them. " I have been here... all this time. The universe I knew is... no more."
Cramer got on her knees and grabbed him by the shoulders. " Listen, I am a Starfleet officer and I would be damned if I would give up! You and I have to find a way out... together. You have the brains and I have the will to make it so. Plus, my vessle on her Captain are probobly up there talking to Empress Brotana now."
He looked at her and shook his head. " I do admire your... will and ambition, Ms. Cramer. I will offer any assistance my old brain can push out. Now, I am sorry to tell you this but... the people on this planet have the technology to vaproize any vessle in this area at any given time. Your ship and the captain will most likely fall into it's fate..."
* * *
Beverly Moore rounded the corner and ran into Reid, her oldest and clsoset friend. " Captain! Excuse me, Im just a little frantic at the moment."
" Understandable, Beverly. Listen, until Dr. Ipics is returned to us, you are the CMO. Just like back on the Enterprise."
Moore smiled and patted Reid on the back. " Thank you, Captain. I have examined the Away team and they are better shall I say."
Nurse Acull ran from the examining rooms and handed Moore her padd. " Doctor, I think you will love to see this data. I looked up similar things in the data base and found out we have a little... enigma on our hands."
Moore took it and looked at the data. Reid waited for her to reveal what was found and she stared at him. " Antoine, Mr. Phor's wound... he got it from a plant and the plant's chemicals that it injected into him are related to a previous medical log in the data base."
Reid crossed his arms and put his weight on one foot. " Well, what ship did the logs come from?"
She put the padd down on the table and walked out the room to the away team. " It came from the U.S.S. Demeckery, Battle-class ship. The log was made by Dr. Amber Moore, my daughter."
Reid now realized that this planet and it's plants were somehow linked to the previous Demeckery and a misson from long ago...
* * *
Star Trek: The Final Days
Misson Status: "The ship has arrived at Gargana and Commander Seven is going to lead an away team to the planet..."
Seven of Nine and the away team beamed down to the planet. They made sure they stayed on the sidewalk to avoid another inccident like Cramers. The crew followed the walk way to the entrance of Brotana's fortress. Seven looked back at the crew and beat on the door hard enough for someone to hear. A servant peeped out and walked out with a phaser in hand. Seven stepped foward and placed her hands behind her back. " I am Commander Seven of Nine of the U.S.S. Demeckery. I wish to speak to Empress Brotana."
The servant looked at the Starfleet officers and took a step back. " Well I don't think shes available..."
" Did I mention that I wished to speak with her? NOW!" Demaded Seven.
Brotana suddenly appeared in the doorway. She was wearing a green bathing suit looking thing with high heeled forest green knee high boots and a shallow shaw that blew in the wind. Her red hair was flowing down her shoulders and was decoraed with the plant known as posion ivy. She looked at Seven and smiled. " Federation people! Why didn't you tell me they were here? Please, only two of you come in."
Seven looked at Dr. Ipics who loaded his phaser and placed it in his pocket. Phor, the blue skinned science officer grabbed Seven's arm and looked at her. " It is not safe in there! Maybe I should go in with you in case it's a hoax. No offense Ipics."
The doctor laughed and patted the science officer on the back. " None taken, Lt. Phor."
" We will do fine. Stay alert, do some scans of the area and keep in contact with the ship."
Seven and Ipics marched into the structure and the door behind them closed.
Phor looked at the other security officers who stood behind him and back at the door. " Good luck."

Seven and Ipics were lead down the stone hallway where Brotana was fixing her makeup. " Empress, I am Commander Seven of Nine of the Federation vessle Demeckery. We are here to talk to you about..."
" About the negotiations tommorow. The signing of the treaty between us and you. I know, don't worry, I have everything planned. The food, the decorations..."
Seven took a step foward. " We are not concerned about that. We are here to discuss our missing crewmen you have taken."
Brotana closed her mirror as she put on her lipstick. She was nervous. " Ah, yes, of course. Let's get into a more... confterable enviroment. Follow me."
They went down more long hallways. Plants covered the walls and celings. Ipics secretly pulled his tricorter out and started to scan. Seven stared back at him and nudged. " If you insist on doing that, Ipics, please smile whie you do it! We don't want to be given away."
They entered a room that did not as many plants. Brotana sat in a giant green chair and gestured for them to do so as well. The two officers sat and Brotana placed her hands on her lap. " SO, the signing of the treaty tommorw..."
" It is irrelevant to try to bypass this question. I am very presistant on matters and I like to get to the heart of all of them. Now, I will repeat the question. Where is our missing officer?"
" I have no idea what your talking about." Insisted Brotana.
" WE WANT LT. CRAMER NOW." isisted Seven.
Brotana throwed her hands up above her head and laughed. " Lt. Mamer? Samer... Im sorry, I have no idea who that person is. I have never heard of them in my life."
Ipics showed Seven his tricorter and she sat up in her chair. " Shes in this facility. Where in it is the question at hand."
Brotana leaned foward in her chair and looked at Seven straight in her eyes. " I said,, I- DON'T -KNOW!!"
Ipics shifted his position in his chair and smiled. " That's funny, I seem to be picking up Miss Cramer's genetic pattern in... this direction. Your lying to us."
Brotana stood to her feet and pointed her finger at Seven. " That's it! I have tried to be nice but you have just crossed the line. Brothers, sisters, get them both! Save the doctor for me."
Seven stood to her feet but was pulled back down by a large pricky root that grew from the ground. More of these vicious plants shot out and started to grab Seven of Nine and pull her deeper into the ground. She screamed and reached for her phaser. The root knokced it out of reach. Ipics pulled out his and aimed it at the plant creature but the potted plant beside him pushed him against the wall. A root from the plant took his phaser and crushed it. He reached for it and yelled for Seven. She was being swallowed. Her waist up was the only thing left. large thorns pierced her skin and she screamed in pain. Brotana made sure her lipsitick was straight and started to walk twards Ipics. She stepped over Seven who was finnally pulled in completely, mouth and body filled with soil. She couldn't have survived. Brotana traced Ipics lips with her finger and smiled.
" Pucker up, Doctor." She kissed him and he squenched up his face. When she pulled herself away, She looked at him and said, " Okay, you have a choice. Option A ) I return you to your Captain. Option B) You stay here on Gargana, and love me. What do you choose?"
Ipics slummped over and the potted plant let him go. He looked dazed and confused. He accidently hit his communicator and pulled it off, throwing ti to the side. " I want to stay here... and love you forever! I want to serve you!"
Brotana laughed a wicked lughed and clapped her hands together. " That's what I thought you would say. Your Captain has a problem on his hands. A big one."
* * *
Phor shut his tricorter and tucked it away. He thought he heared a strange noise and turned around quickly to see what it was. The ground opened up an threw someone out. He and the others ran to see who it was. " Commander Seven! Phor to Demeckery, we have a prob..."
Him and the other security officers saw thousands of plants suddenly come to life and they all lurched in his direction. He gasped and tried to wake Seven up. She was terribly hurt and not concious. The plants suddenly leaped into action and started to attack the away team. Each of their communicators were ripped from their chest and they scrambled to get them. Phor took his rifle and set thousands of plants on fire. A large weed came up to him and slaped him on his face. He dropped his phaser and it hit him in the back. He fell to his knees in pain. The plant sashed his hand and it started to bleed. He held it and looked at the plant. He looked to the sky and hoped the Demeckery heard his distress call.
* * *
Captain Reid sat in the center chair on the Bridge and looked up all of a sudden. He was part Betazoid and sensed a pinch of hyped emotions. He went back to his bored positon and leaped up out of his seat. " Butler! Beam that away team to sick-bay, now! We've lost one of our crew."
* * *

U.S.S. Demeckery vs. Empress Brotana of Gargana

Star Trek: The Final Days
Misson Status: The U.S.S. Demeckery is in a war situation with Gargana. The main officers have join in sick-bay where they will listen to the found information about the plants and a previous misson of the Battle-ship class vessle, Demckery. Now, on with the misson...
Reid and his seinor officers were crammed into the main examining room. Reid walked over to Seven and placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked at his hand in a questioning way and he removed it quickly. The officers talked among themselves as they waited for Dr. Moore to arrive. " Seven, what happend down there?"
" I... we... " she had a hard time piecing the puzzle together. " We were attacked by Brotana and these plants. Ipics was taken by her."
The doors hissed open and Dr. Moore faced the crew. " You younger people of the Demeckery will not know what I am talking about so you will have to bare with me. Two... four years ago, the former Demeckery encounter the planet of the blessed where they had plant people.... the people evolved form plants. Amber Moore, my daughter, took scans of plants and people of the planet. Her scans match those chemical make-ups I found on you all and Dr. Ipics' tricorter."
The crew looked around questionally and fianally Phor broke in. " What does that mean for us then?"
" That means that the planet of the blessed is somehow related of linked to this one. They are the exact same planet, make-up the same, scan results, exactly the same."
Reid nodded his head and Dr. Moore moved off to the side. Reid took the center and looked at his gathered crew. " They have not only Cramer, but Ipics as well. That, my dear friends, means war. Nobody messes with my officers. I want options."
Soj, the muscled purple alien man jumped to his feet. " We should declare WAR!!!! Burn every plant! Cut off every rose bud. Destroy or contaminate the water supply. We should completely destroy the planet. Piece by piece by piece by..."
" We get the idea already!" yeld Perafusha.
" Why don't we create some type of biological or organic bomb that will relase some harmful chemical into the planets atmosphere killing every lifeform on the planet. Then the Federation can use it as a milita base."
" Both of you are typical males. Why don't we try a more friendly approach. We go down to the planet with around one hundred to two hundred security officers armed with phasers and demand the officers back. That's a civilzed plan."
THe crew started to argue among themselves until the captain hit a table hard enough that the crew jumped back. " There will be order on this ship as long as I am captain. I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way we can get them back. A sure fire way that will not and cannot fail."
" What is that captain?" asked Seven.
" Im talking to Brotana myself. She'll understand me. I want this ship ready for anything that is thrown it's way. Parker, I want all systems functioning beyond 100%. Dr. Moore, get this area ready for injured crewmen. Soj, I want security detail ready to invade if we need to. Seven, I want you to over look the entire operation. THe rest of you should be at your stations, ready for the un-expected. Okay now, dismissed"
* * *
Reid walked alone through the corridors of the Demeckery. The Demckery had a promnade like area which was not common for starships. He looked down the large shaft of decks and moved along. He missed the Battle-ship classed Demckery. She was similar to the Elcelxior class vessles but bigger. It had almost one hundred decks. Ops bridge, commuinication stattion, a transforming emergency bridge... every captains dream. Now she was hanging in a dry dock while here sibling took her place. This vessle wasn't bad at all, it just wasnt home though. He heard footsteps approach him and looked over his shoulder. Kira Nyres.
" Well, if it isn't the Emissary." Remarked REid ( in this universe, Kira is the emissary).
" Funny Reid. I heard you were planning to talk to Brotana."
" Yeah, I thought that would be the best thing to do. Do you think I should do something else... Ambassador?'
She stopped him and he looked at her. THe red stars shined on her face making the whole moment and mood perfect. " Captain Reid, I think your plan is sound. It might work. Brotana is unlike any person you have ever encountered, Reid. There is something about her... something shes hiding, something so evil about her. I just want to tell you... be carefull."
Reid nodded and contenued on his lonely walk through the vessle.
* * *
Ipics laid down in Brotana's large bed... in the nude. She layed with him. He had just given her all the access codes to tthe main computer she might need to takeover the vessle. As she got up to kiss him, a servant burst into the room.
" Empress, a Starfleet Captain is demanding to speak to you at once!"
As she yanked the cover over her body, Ipics pleaded for her to lay back down. " Don't you know how to knock? You might have seen my slick slender beautiful body! Now go on, I have to get dressed."
As she got out of bed, her comm screen flickerd on. another servant appeared. " Good news, the erray has been completed. When you get the chance..."
Brotana tied up her green fuzz rim robe, she whirled around and put her finger on the screen. " When I get the chance I will come down there and smack you across your head! I'll be there shortly! May I suggest you start diggig a hole for yourself now for I am going to be VERY agitated by the time I reach you. I have a very important... buisness meeting to attend."
She turned off the screen and left the room. Ipics reached out his hand for her and screamed, " don't leave me! I still want to be loved by you... kissed by you... serve you..."
" Don't worry, I am not finished with you yet, Ipics. Not even close."
* * *
Star Trek : The Final Days
Misson Status: The Captain of the U.S.S. Demeckery is preparing for a meeting with Gargana Empress Brotana. And the adventure contenues...
Reid entered the confrence room of the Demeckery and took the seat at the head of the table. He adjusted his tunic and awaited this Brotana character to appear. He had always heard of officers being taken like this and their superiors having to get them back. This was one of the first things they taught at the Academy: War tatics and negotiations. Reid looked off to the side and heard a warm voice on the other end of his screen. " Captain... I persume."
" You are correct. I am Captain Antoine Reid of the Demeckery. I don't think we need to get into all the nitty gritty Starfleet greetings mess. I think you heard enough of that for one day and to be quite frank, I don't have the energy to say it."
" Good," She said as she took a seat on a plant covered chair. " I really do not want to hear anymore of that anyways. Now, what do you want with me, I am quite buisy."
The nerve of this women! She was talking to a Starfleet Captain, not a Orion Pirate! Reid used the Vulcan half of him and shook the rage off. Composure.... Composure.... " Well, I can understand that. I think you know why I am speaking to you. You first took one of my officers. Then you attacked my commander and officers. Then you took my CMO. We want the officers back."
" You want them back?! Cramer violated the supreme law of Gargana; killing of innocent plants. How do you justify that?"
" I cannot. I understand what she did but you did not make her or my crew aware of your... laws. SO, this entire matter is your fault for not doing what you are suppose to."
" MY FAULT? Captatin Reid, I belive your people have a document called... prime directive. It says you should stay out of interplanatery affairs. SO in other words, dear, dear, Captain Reid, butt out!"
Composure... Composure.... to hell with composure! The Vulcan half of the captain broke loose and the Klingon side raged withing fighting against the human side. " Okay, that's it. I am the Captain of a Federation owned vessle. I have the right to do whatever it takes to save my officers. SO in other words, this is my buisness. Return Cramer and Ipics or else."
She laughed and clapped her hands. " Is that a threat? A threat the day before I sign a treaty that will get the Federation a new planet to assimulate into their growing collective? I would be carefull what I say Antoine..."
" It's captain to you! Listen, that was not a threat, it was a warning and a look into the future. If you do not give my officers, I will invade and destroy that damn planet of yours. I will personally come down and burn the biggest tree I can find."
She screamed and got in closer to the screen. " OH!!! How dare you... how dare you even suggest a thing like that! Im sorry to inform you but Cramer, I had her burried alive as punishement. A giant cement block will be layed on her to make her feel what it feels like to be stepped on! You are to late. Ipics isn't comming up there either! You have lost Reid, lost!"
Reid got in closer to the screen. " You devil! Do you have no heart, no sould on which to judge and live off of? Do you?? Are you so far gone that you cannot return to the actual goodness in you?"
" I can assure you Captain, I may be half plant... but I am ALL women. Mess with me and my precisous brothers and sisters and I will blow that ship of yours out of this dimension! So, do not bother me anymore. Brotana out."
Reid hit the table in frustration. He growled and stomped out of the room. When he entered the bridge, all the officers sat eagered to listen to him. Kira slowly got out of his chair and stood in front of him. Perafusha and Satterfied turned their chairs around. Bailey came and stood beside Butler whos hands were posed over the tatical controls. Reid looked around and started to piece himself together. " I have... I have come to a decison. Gragana, will be invaded. Butler, go to red alert. Alert sick bay for casulties, Im sure we'll have some. Satterfield, get ready for some pretty good manuvering. Pera, you and Parker better have this ship ready to zip out of this sector at any moment. Kira... I want you to take the bridge."
Reid started up the steps when Ambassador Kira reached for him. He turned around and realized he was trembling with anger...and anxiety. " Reid, a Captain belongs on his ship. If the ship... If we go down, you should be here in that chair, not me."
" I am not leaving this vessle. I am going to get Seven out of her regeneration cycle and take her to ops bridge with Boov. We are going to get those officers back. Even if it is the death of me. Even... if it's the death of everyone on this ship."
Reid left and the officers looked at eachother. Bailey went to her station and started to make the ships announcements. All the other crew went back to their original duties. Kira Nyres heard the war sirens start to hum on the bridge and saw the red lights start to flicker on and off. " Captain Ahab will chase Moby Dick... and go down with his ship."
Perafusha started on her way to engineering and mutterd to herself, " If I was a Klingon, the right words would be 'today is a good day to die.'"
* * *
Star Trek : The Final Days
Misson Status: 'The High commander of the U.S.S. Dmeckery, Captain Antoine Reid, has made a decisionabout the Gargana situation based on his meeting with the Empress Brotana. The Federation vessle has called off the treaty signing between them and the planet and will now prepare for an invasion of the planet known as Gargana. The final chapter of this adventure has begun. Now, on with the adventure...'
Brotana put on her robe as she marched down the halls. She reached the end of the hall and got closer to the door scanner as it scanned the cornia of her eye. The door hissed open and she marched in and saw one of her head servants working at the device that could bring her to power over the universe.
" SO, what is it and how will this make me the supreme ruler of the universe?" She asked impatiently.
The servant put the tool he was using down and looked at her nervously. " Well, this is a device that will plant your... more plants on various planets. We based this thing on Starfleet's Genisis device. You see, all you have to do is turn this knob and aim and bam!"
The servant did as he had explained and aimed it at the wall nearby. A neon green beam shot out and hit the wall. In just seconds, the wall was covered in furns and exotic flowers. Brotana looked wide eyed at the newly covered wall and clapped her hands.
" Now that is impressive! How far can this thing shoot and what things can this take over?"
" Well, it can transform anything. It can shoot into space... if you aim it correctly."
She looked at the device and pushed him to the side. She looked in the telascope and aimed it twards the skys. As she pressed numerous buttons, the sky's were transformed into a vast black space. She moved it around slowly and found what she was looking for. The U.S.S. Demeckery. As she locked on to it, the servant came and pulled her back.
" Empress! This is no toy! Only people who know what every control on this device is and how it works should operate this. So that means you should not..."
Brotana swirled around and stared at the servant intently. " You say this can work on anything?" She turned it twards him as he shook his head and started back away. " Let me see how good this thing works!"
The beam flew out and struck the man in his chest. He screamed and yelled until he fell to the ground. Brotana reached on the nearby table and picked up a pair of eye protectors. when she finally heard him fall to the ground and cease to yell, she turned the machine off and looked at him. He was covered with plants and a tree was beginning to form out of his chest. She nodded her head and pushed the erray back to the direction of space. " Your right, that was pretty impressive. Now, for a even bigger target, the Federation vessle!"
* * *
Cramer and Fagan had finally created a plan. It was the classic escape plan, the first one they taught in the Survival class in the academy every year. Cramer saw the humanoid servant outside the door and looked at Fagan who sat in a corner waiting.
" Dr. Fagan, all we have to do is make a good diversion. I will tell them that the Federation ship somehow transported you away and they will rush in here, you clobber them, we run to the outside and the Demeckery will lock on to us. Got it?"
The old man stood to his feet and held on to the wall for support. " Ms. Cramer, that is a illogical and very messy plan. I cannot run, my legs are too old. When the gaurds come in here to check our health status and give us our daily food, I will attack them and you will escape. You are young and have a Very promising career and future ahead of you. I am old, tierd, and washed out."
Cramer glanced out the tiny cell hole and back at Fagan. " No, I am a Starfleet officer and so are you. If you don't come with me, I won't. Now your comming with me because I don't plan to spend the rest of my life in this smelly hell hole. Get ready, the gaurd is passing."
The gaurd passed and did not look in their direction. Cramer took her cup and banged it against the bars. " Hey, you! My friend, hes gone! I think that Federation vessle got him..."
The gaurd quickly ran to the door and told her to stand back. The door faded away for it was a simple holograhm. He stepped in and looked around. Fagan came out of the corner and threw dirt in his eyes. The gaurd stumbled back and Cramer hit him in the back. The weapond fell to the ground, Cramer took it, and motioned for Fagan to follow. The plan was so far sucessful. As Cramer ran down the hall, out of the corner stepped Brotana. She looked wide eyed and pressed the wall beside her. Suddenly, as Cramer aimed her weapond, a garner weed came to life and wrapped itself around Cramer. SHe yelled and the gun was thrown to the side. As she was thrown into the cell, Fagan automatically stepped back inside and looked at her. A force feild was put up and Brotana came to face the two with her hands on her hips.
" Very impressive, Starfleet. I hope you know that if you try that or anything again, you will not see another day. Now, I wanted to inform you, Cramer, that your vessle has been destroyed by a weapond my people created. You are here to stay with Fagan. Forever."
Cramer looked at Fagan and then was distracted by a loud rattling noise. Three exotic plants were in the cell with them and had grabbed the two. Being attacked by plants?? thought Cramer. Brotana started to back away and laughed at them.
" You must be punished for this. Fagan knows what it is like to be tortured by the plants, and so will you, Cramer. Good bye."
As she left the two, the plants hit the both of them brutally and Cramer yelled as she felt sharp thorns pierce her skin all over. She looked at Fagan who was equally being beaten and suddenly gave up. She lost conciousness and darkeness over came her.
* * *
Meanwhile, on the Demeckery, Reid made his final logs and turned off his computer. He yawned and looked out his window too Gargana. What a beautiful planet it was, yet evil lurked everywhere within it. As he turned and got out of his chair, a beam of light started to grow louder and brighter and Reid stopped in his tracks. As he turned around and looked out his window, the light from Gargana hit the ship. Reid fell and hit his head on the side of his desk. As he picked himself off the ground, he looked around and felt the ship begin to rock. The light still hit the ship and something very odd started to occur. Plants grew out of everything around him. He shook his head and ran out the door. He stopped as he realixed a giant Sickamore tree from Earth blocked his path. He tried to squeeze through but gave up. He peaked in the little crack and saw his nature filled Bridge.
" Kira, Perafusha, BUTLER!!! I want a report and I want someone to help me out of my office!" He yelled.
" Sorry, Captain, some weeds have me wrapped in this chair, High grass is all around and not accounting the trees blocking everything! I need help myself!" yelled Kira.
" Captain, Gargana did this... I don't know how. And something else... the ship is spiraling out of control. It's going slow right now but will gradually pick up speed... were on a collision course with Gargana I think" Reported Perafusa.
" Butler, save your comment, I have enough of a head ache. Reid to Harris, commander, we have a situation on the bridge. Please come and help me out of this office and get the Bridge back clear."
" I would love to do that, Captain, but a giant tree is blocking me in a door frame. I will be there when I get there. Harris out."
Reid shook his head and put his hands on the giant tree. This was a joke. A very big one at that. What will Starfleet make out of it once they heard how the Demeckery was taken over by plants. He wished Seven of Nine was fit for duty, but she wasn't. He leaned on the tree and heard Butler whipping out weeds and brushes.
" Too bad we don't have some weed killer, this situation needs it." He said in his young intellent voice.
Nyres stop struggling with the weeds as did Perafusha and Gean Baliey whom Reid had not acknowledged, In unison, they all said a loud, 'SHUT UP BUTLER!!!'
Reid put his hands over his ears. If he had to put up with Butler for seven years plus, he would have to retire now. " Butler, please shut..."
He tought for a moment and hit his knee. " You know what... that isn't a bad idea! Weed killer... Butler, crawl throught the acess tube and go down to weaponds bay. I want you to rig up a torpedo that is filled with old acient Earth... plant killer. A couple of them. Brotana will get a little taste of Armagedon today."
In sick-bay, Seven of Nine sat up on her diagnostic bed as the sirens filled the ship. She looked around and had earlier heard Ipics fall out of his chair. She jumped off and secretly ran to the door. As it hissed open, a large tree filled the view and she gasped. Beverly Moore ran out from the examining room and grabbed Seven's shoulder.
" Commander Nine, you are not leaving this medical bay in your condition! That is what must happen. Captain Ried will handle this situation with Kira and Harris' help I am sure of with years of experience backing me up."
Seven removed Moore's hand from her shoulder and looked back at the tree. " If Captain Reid already had control of this situation, doctor, we would bot be here now. I have a obligation to Starfleet and to the Captain, and I intend to keep it. Now don't hold me back for I will have to act on you. And that is not a threat, it is a promise."
Moore grabbed her hands together and pointed to the door. " With that tree blocking the door and all the phasers locked up in a room filled with mushrooms and trees, I don't think you will be able to get through."
Seven looked at the doctor and at the door. She pushed the doctor back and did a side kick at the tree. Wood splinters went everywhere as Seven of Nine's heels finally had some use. Moore stared at the giant hole in the tree as Seven stepped through it.
From the outside, Seven stared at Moore. " I have come to learn, Dr. Moore, that nothing is impossible. In fact, impossible is a word humans use far to often and friviously to make excuses. Thank your for your assistance."
She stalked away and Beverly sat on the diagnostic bed herself. " Boy, being on this ship is really going to put the fun and excitment back into my life I see..."
Reid sat in his chair in his ready room staring at the tree. His badge beeped and he tapped it. " Reid here, go ahead. What bad news do I have to listen to now?"
" Captain, this is Seven. I am on my approach to the bridge. Prepare to be rescued. I have escaped from Sick-bay and have obtained a phaser rifle. Seven of Nine out."
Reid smiled and realized what Kathryn Janeway once had; a Borg with determination and will. A good starfleet officer. Then his badge beeped again. Before he hit it, Bailey's voice came through.
" Captain, we are getting a message from Gargana. Im trying to patch it through to you but I can't see the command buttons to do it... stand by, sir."
Reid waited until a high pitch squeek filled his office. The intercom had been engaged. Reid stood up and listened to it with anger.
" Captain Reid and your fellow officers, this is your new ruler, Brotana. I hope you all are enjoying my... children. They will do anyitng I command them too. Prepare to boarded by me. Reid, the U.S.S. Demekcery is no longer yours, it is mine and will be used to transform all the planets into ones like this one. Thank you for that gift. You all will be slaves or you will die. So in other words, Captain, you are forced... to surrender your life and your ship. Brotana out."
Reid was not beaten yet. He had a few more tricks up his uniform that would knock Brotana off her branch. In the next hours, the Starfleet captain will either be winning everything, or losing all that meant anything to him.
* * *
Star Trek : The Final Days
Misson status: The U.S.S. Demeckery has been attacked by a Gargana erray. After suffering from massive destruction, Captain Reid and his crew will invade the planet and destroy it if that will get back officers Cramer and Ipics. Now, the final chapter of this adventure contenues...
Reid walked briskly to the Transporter room that was filled with trees and other exotic plants. Seven of Nine stood behind him and prepared to protest him being on this dangerous misson. He held up a hand to stop her.
" I have sat in that seat on the bridge far too long! You know what, you are going to come with me so you can keep an eye on me. That meet your standards?"
The Borg women nodded her head and picked up a phaser and cliped it to the side of her skin tight uniform. Reid tapped his com badge and told Kira the final arrangements. Then, the invasion of Gargana began.
* * *
After getting out of bed with Ipics, Brotana went to her balcony. The sun of Gargana hit her skin and made it warm. She smiled as she looked over her planet. The trees occupied most of the land and the garden area and promanod was on fire... FIRE?! She grasped the rails of her balcony and looked up to the sky. A small object came from the sky and hit another half of the planet. The plants started to die imedietly. She knew who did this. Reid. Starfleet was an enemy. She shook with fury and ran into the main room where Ipics layed half naked in bed. She looked at him and stalked out the doors.
Reid, Seven, and other officers ran through the hallways. Reid saw two large doors and pointed to them. A security officer ran before Reid and vaporized the doors. Reid and Seven walked into the room slowly and was not that surprised to see that the plants inhabited the room. Phor ran inside and ran his tricorter over them.
" Sir, these plants are giving off biological lifesigns as if they are humans. Like the ones the former Demeckery encountered years ago."
The Borg women apporached the largest one that was at the head of the room and touched it. The leaf on the plant wrapped around her finger tightly. Reid was astonished and ran to her side. " Captain, I have a feeling that these are special plants... these are Brotana's family members. They are royalty. Lets kill them. It will get her attention."
Reid looked around and nodded his head. In moments, all the plants were killed. An alarm sounded and Reid cussed to himself. He ran to the door and motioned for his team to follow.
" Okay, Seven, go find Cramer and Ipics. Phor, stay with me. Reid to Peterson team, pursue the outside servants. Reid to Soj, meet up with me in the main placinity in this structure."
The teams ran from their locations and the hype of this war was getting stronger every minute.
* * *
After searching numerous corridors and hallways, Seven of Nine found the cell hall. Servants were blocking her way so she set her phaser on stun and charged foward. As the gaurds started to react, the plants on the wall slapped the phaser out of her hands and tried to pull her to the ground. She pulled herself foward, breaking the plants, and forcefully pushed the servants to the ground. She rounded the corner and looked into each peep hole. Finally, she came to one in particular and saw what she thought was Cramer. The science officer was serverly injured and so was another man in the cell. She slightly touched the force feild blocking her and took her nano-probe infested hand and put it up to the feild. Suddenly, the feild went out and she picked up Cramer and Fagan from the ground. As she stalked out the cell, she ran into the main placinity where Reid should be.
* * *
The main room in Brotana's fortress was huge. Plants hung from everywhere and the room was humid. It was like the jungles on Batazed. Reid and his seinior crew looked around and saw no signs of Brotana. Suddenly, there attention was lead twards the sky.
" Reid, how nice of you to visit! To bad it will be your last! Plants, attack them!"
The plants came to life and positioned themselves in front of the Starfleet officer's faces. Then, a pink cloud of smoke was dispersed and the crew coughed. Brotana knew they would be on the floor dead in moments. She was wrong. Reid looked up at her as she slid down on a vine and loded his weapon.
" Ha, I had my CMO inject my entire team with a dose of something that will immune us to any of your plants little posions. Surrender yourself and your planet. Starfleet's taking over."
Brotana stomped the floor as plants grabbed Perafusha and Phor. They were hiked up to the celing. Then, as Soj prepared to fire on them, he was pulled back into a head lock by a potted plant. Reid was taken off track as he watched his officers being attacked and soon a plant grabbed him by his throat and pulled him upwards. As his eyes started to roll back into his head, Brotana lauged and ran to the other side of the room where a huge Venus fly trap sat waiting for feeding. Reid was starting to lose cociousness until he saw Brotana gasp. He and his officers fell to the ground. All were alive with a few bumps or bruises. As they breathed for air, they pulled themselves around to see the Borg commander slowly approached Brotana who stood in dismay.
" Brotana, you are not aware of Starfleet's motto when it comes to mercy issues. 'Have no mercy' is it. Surrender now and you might live. Resistance is Futile."
Brotana thought about what Reid had done to her family and screamed. A plant vine quickly dropped from the wall and she grabbed on to it laughed as she made her graceful escape. Seven tightened her muscles and jumped into the sky, grabbing a vine of her own. She climbed it quickly and was able to get a swinging motion going. She swung over to Brotana and kicked her. She did the same move again and latched on to the vine. The two women struggled until the vine broke and they both went soaring to the ground. Seven hit the floor with great force and Brotana fell into the venus fly trap. The trap closed and sucked on her body.
Reid and the other officers got to their feet and pointed their phasers at Brotana as Reid helped Seven up. The two command officers stared at eachother and smiled as they looked back at Brotana.
" Miss Seven, did I mention to you that I simply love that suit of yours? I think it is fabulous! Green is defintly your color."
The Borg women rubbed her hip and looked at the Empress. " No and that comment is irrelevant at this time. Now, do you surrender or not?"
Brotana sighed and looked at Reid who was greatly pleased with the outcome of the misson. " I love the smell of roses, but I do hate the bitter smell of defeat."
Captain's log: The Demeckery remains in orbit of this planet as I and Seven survey the damage done. Brotana has been taken to a Federation prison by the Voyeur and the Demeckery will be going back to the McGooroo station for repairs. Starfleet also tells me that the planet will be turned into a Starfleet Militia Base for the war effort. Now, we have Cramer and the very famous Dr. Fagan. I keep on feeling as if I have not done something...
The sun started to set and Seven and Reid walked together as the breeze blowed pass them. The Borg women was extremely beautiful with the sun shining on her face and she was looking at a flower she had picked on this walk.
Reid looked at her and they paused. " Seven, I think we did very well this misson. Our crew is ready for anything that comes their way. You did a very impressive job yourself."
The Borg women kneeled down and layed the flower down between them. They stared at it and looked back at Brotana's fortress where all the action had taken place. " Thank you, Sir. I think this journey on the Demeckery will be very intresting indeed with this crew of ours."
Reid nodded and looked up into the sky where his ship was looming. " Yes, I agree. It will be a pleasure working with you I am sure. I think that wraps up this misson. I keep on feeling as if we are forgetting something..."
A man was yelling and screaming as he approached the two officers. Ipics. And he was completley nude. Seven of Nine looked to him and the Captain and smiled. The doctor covered up a certain part of his body as the Captain smiled as well.
" Doc, I don't think that is proper Starfleet dress code you have on."
" Funny, Captain. I am sorry, Brotana put my clothes somewhere. I can't find them. I thought you all had forgotten me or something."
Reid looked down at his feet and shook his head. " We would never forget you Ipics!"
The Borg women stared at the doctor and he looked at her curiously. Finally, he asked her did she have a question. SHe chewed on her finger nail and finally arched her eyebrows.
" Yes, by looking at... well, either you find the tempeture out here to be extremely cold or your just happy to see me."
Ipics stared down and looked very annoyed. " Stop picking on me, Mam'n! Sir, can I please get a uniform?"
Reid smiled and tapped his badge. " Reid to Demeckery, three to beam up. I think these adventures will be quite intersting indeed."
--- The Growth

Captain Reid

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