Star Trek: The Final Days... The Child
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Star Trek: The Final Days... The Child

Star Trek : The Final Days
Misson Status : The U.S.S. Demeckery has tracked down a Klingon Scout Ship in the Primax System, in the outskirts of the Gamma Quadrant. Now, the ship must bring this ship back into the custody of the Tristar Empire of face a cold war between them and the Federation of Planets...
" On screen!" Yelled Reid as he strolled onto the bridge. Seven of Nine quickly left the center seat and took her standing place to the right of Reid.
The screen came on and showed a lonely beat up Klingon Scout ship slowly orbiting the planet known as Grist, owned by the Cardassians at one point. Lt. Tommy Blau, taking Perafusha's place today and former head navigator of the former Demeckery. Blau had returned from his leave on Earth and had gone back to his post. He stared over at Jamie Satterfield, ship's Operation Manager. She looked back at Reid, face filled with seriousness.
" Captain, no lifeforms are detected. Also, their engines are running hot... way too hot. Captain!"
The Klingon scout ship exploded, sending out debris everywhere. The Tristar were not going to like this. Reid looked back at Seven of Nine and then to Butler, the bufoon in Starfleet. Lt. Butler ran his fingers over his station and glanced back up.
" No survivors... I think it was planned. Captain, I am picking up six lifeforms on the planet... one very faint. Klingons, Sir."
That was what Reid wanted to hear. He nodded his head and headed for the turbolift. " Butler, send the coordinates of the Klingons to the transporter room. I want Mr. Soj as well as Ipics down in the room waiting for me. Get me a full invasion team as well. Seven, you have the bridge."
Seven of Nine, in a purple catsuit that Reid had not seen her in before, stepped foward and cocked her head to the side. " Captain, I cannot allow you to go on an away team misson like this. It would breach security protocal..."
Reid held his hand up as Gean Bailey tossed a Type III phaser to him. Butler handed him a Tricorter as well. " Not this time, Seven. I have been on this ship for far to long and Im ready to have some fun like the rest of you. Have Commander Harris join you on the Bridge. I'll be back."
Seven of Nine shook her head and sat in the center seat. Humans. So illogical, so irrelevant. She only hoped that Reid would be true and that he would return. She only hoped he would.
* * *
Reid and the team shimmered in the middle of a rocky plain. They pulled out their tricorters, scanned the areas. Imedietly, the team started to clutch their stomachs as a howling wind passed them. Reid pulled his phaser to his chest and looked over at Chief Parker who almost fell over. " Captain, the planet is unlike Earth. It's gravity is so way off and Im surprise were not floating in mid air right now."
Reid nodded and pointed to different officers. " McDowel, Parker. I want you two to head in east direction. Ipics, Uvara, west. Soj and Edwards, I want you all to go North. Redsar, your with me. I want these Klingon found and placed in the Brig. Stay close to your partners! Do not leave their sides!"
The team broke up, going in different directions. Redsar, a Vulcan Medical tech slowly strode by Reid. She was pregnant in fact, something you did not see on Federation Ships anymore. Reid, part Vulcan stared at her as they made their way up an inclined area. " So tell me, Lt. Redsar," He began, trying to spark conversation. " Hows your child?"
The Vulcan women pulled herself up, grunting slightly. " It is well, Captain. You are wondering how I managed to get pregnant while in Starfleet are you not?"
He stopped for a second, letting her get ahead of him and scratched his head. Was she telepathic too? He shook his head, wiping the sweat from his head. This planet was as hot as Vulcan, just a bit hotter in fact. Reid looked up at the two suns that loomed over them and ran up to catch Redsar. " The thought might have ran through my mind once... or twice."
She did not slow down, slowly climbed the hill, scanning the area. She looked down at her Tricorter and paused as she looked back at him. He paused as well, getting ahead of her and making sure his phaser was loaded and ready for action.
" Before being assigned to the Demeckery, I was on leave from Starfleet. I was going through Pon Farr. I mated for Four days until my needs were met. Then, I became pregenant and was assigned to your vessle. Do you find flaw in that, Captain?"
Reid smiled and started on his way. " Not at all, Lieutenant. Well, lets go on ahead..."
A phaser shot leashed out and hit the cave between them. Redsar stumbled back, hitting the ground hard and gasping. She pulled out her hand phaser and tried to pull herself up. Reid rolled over to his side and whipped out his phaser. He eyed the Klingons on the otherside of the vally area and aimed. The Klingons howled out in pain as they fell off the mountain cliff area. Reid pulled himself up, gasping with life now. Look at what he had been missing! As he stood to his feet, a Klingon ran down from the hill they were on and aimed his disrupter at Reid. The Captain wheeled around and saw it, imedietly falling to his knees. He reached into his black sock and pulled out the small hand blade that Starfleet issued all it's officers. He saw the Klingon press the trigger and threw the knife into the Klingon's chest. The disrupter went off and hit the edge of the cliff, melting rocks that held up Reid and Redsar. The Klingon fell backwards as Reid held onto Redsar's hand. Nothing happened. They did not fall to their deaths. Thank whatever gods were watching after them. Suddenly, the rocks beneath them did give out, sending Reid and Redsar hurttling to their deaths.
An hour almost passed. Josh Parker was keeping the time. Parker and his team had only encountered one Klingon and he was already dead. They had came back to the transporter site, surprised to see K'Aku Soj and Dr. Ipics waiting with their teams. Parker walked up to the officers and wiped the sweat from his head.
" Hey guys. Klingon count?"
Soj, gripping the torn uniform piece that Ipics had wrapped around his hand stared up at the stars and back at Parker. " Four. Dr. Ipcis and I were ambushed by the Klingons. A very... worthy battle."
Lyston Ipics smiled and shook his head. " Yes, worthy. The Klingon had a blade the size of a baseball bat. It nearly took our heads off and more than that actually..."
Parker shook his head as he looked around at the Demeckery team. Strange, someone was missing. No wait, somebodies... Captain Reid and Lt. Redsar! Parker pulled out his tricorter and looked back at Soj. " Hey, Reid and Redsar aren't picking up... where are they?"
Lt. Soj tapped his chest badge, snarling as a pain shot through his hand. " Soj to Demeckery. Did you all hear from Reid and Redsar in the past hour or so?"
Gean Bailey's voice came back on. " Bailey here. No, Lieutenant we have not. Are you trying to say you've lost contact with him? If you have, Seven is going to flip out up here! You better..."
Soj growled as the team started to go in the direction that Reid and Redsar had gone in. " No, Ms. Bailey we are not. Stand by, Soj out."
Parker was talking to Ipics when Soj grabbed onto their shoulders and jerked them back. Before them was a large hole with a Klingon on the otheside of the walkway. Parker kneeled down and pulled out a scrapped up piece of metal. " Federation... phaser. Big.... it's the Captains."
Ipics looked down at the valley, shook his head. " The Captain and Redsar must have... fallen. If they did, there is no way they could have survived. The impact alone would have killed them."
Soj stared down at a badge that was mixed up in rocks. No wonder they could not track Reid and Redsar down. Well, they had to facce the wrath of Seven of Nine. " Soj to Demeckery."
" Commander Harris here. Status?"
Commander Adam Harris. Good, he was not as brutal as Commander Seven. Soj looked down the valley, the growing darkness as it became longer and longer. " We think Captain Reid and Redsar have fallen into this valley area. We can't pick up lifesigns. We need to know how long the drop is."
A pause and Butler's voice came on the line. " There is a 993.432 feet drop, Lieutenant. I could beam you and the team down there..."
Soj shook his head. " That might not be wise. Transport myself and Dr. Ipics into the drop. Energize."
Darkeness surrounded Reid and Redsar. Blood trickled down the side of his face and he could barely look up. Every bone in his body felt like it was broken. The fall enough was deadly, a shocker that they had lived through it. His hand was clearly broken, along with his risk, his leg, his... and so on. Redsar lay a few meters away, lifeless. He pulled himself though what seemed like a swamp. Rocks lay all around him and Redsar, memoirs of the drop from the sky. He came up to her and stared at her. She was dead. Along with her unborn child. This was a tradgedy that would forever haunt him. He should have let Seven of Nine handle this. She always came back with a full team. Finally, he burried his face in the mud and heard a stiring noise. Redsar gasped out loud, almost screamed. She called out the name of someone, possibly her mate or her unborn child. She rolled over, facing Reid in the darkness. Dark muddy water fell on them, making their skin crawl as worms and other insects crawled on their bodies. She finally calmed down and imedietly placed her hands on the Katara points on Reid's face. Mind meld. A forced one at that.
" My... my mind to your mind... mine to yours... with this bonding, we..." She gasped and screamed again. " We are one!"
Emotions and feelings rushed through Reid's mentally assaulted mind, memories and feelings that were not his own. He squirmed around, nearly convulsing. Finally, Redsar's hands detached from his blood covered face as she rolled back on her back. She placed her hands upon her stomach and layed her head back as green blood trickled from her nose and eyes. Reid gasped and collasped into the mud, letting the insects have their way with his body. She stared at Reid one last time and whispered, " With this meld... we be one. And as one... I ... we will not be forgotten..." She died for good this time.
Reid heard a familure voice. Soj from the Demeckery. He grabbed Reid up into his arms and talked to someone near by. The voice was slurred... sounded like Ipics though.
" He'll need imediet surgery. Ipics to sick-bay, Dr. Moore, Captain Reid is comming up to you, he needs help now and fast. Activate the EMH because we have Redsar here as well and shes... dead. Child also dead."
As they transported away, Reid came out of the trans he had been put into. He was barely able to breathe but something odd overcame him... he felt unlike he did before the fall. He felt as if within himself, Redsar was there. And within that, a inner concious giggled and laughed with delight... thanking Reid for giving life to them.
Star Trek : The Final Days
Q's summary of last season of Star Trek : The Final Days: Well, well, well. Can you believe these annoying beings on this Starship Demeckery are still here! And I thought Jean-Luc and Data were bad. Well, let me see. Captain Reid, former member of the newly restored Enterprise-D II, gets this ship called the U.S.S. Demeckery and a bunch of stiff up starfleet babies. He has a Borg female for a commander and a Bajoran female from Terak Nor! Is this even legal in these stories? Well, the ship defeated Empress Brotana at Gargana, Seven of Nine went through this dream debt where the Federation was losing against the Borg! Now can we see that happening? Now, their Vulcan captain is pregnant. Talk about your bunch of nuts! They need that Counselor Troi so they all can be puny humans with no brains! Oh well, on with yet another season of Star Trek : The Final Days. And just maybe, just maybe, you'll see me in these stories one day. Heh, heh, heh...
Misson Status: The Techinicans, a technologically advanced raced which originated from the Gamma Quadrant, has confronted the U.S.S. Demeckery near a nebula. Captain Antoine Reid deals with Lt. Redsar's odd Vulcan mind meld which leaves him pregnant. On with Star Trek: The Final Days...
" Commander Boov, report!" Yelled Reid.
Osta Boov whirled around, relieved to see the captain and all the other head officers marching onto the bridge. Man, it seemed like it took a month for them to get to the Bridge! Lt. Blau kept his eyes on the screen, never looking away as Perafusha took over Satterfield's usual station.
" Captain, the Technicians were hiding in the nebula. What they were doing in there I don't know but they most defently want to talk to you. And I cannot take this pressure anymore! Permisson to retreat... I mean report ot Opservation Bridge?"
Reid did not hear a word she said as he listened to the child inside of him. " Yeah, yeah, go on. Blau, take us back a few meters. Butler, weaponds on and hot. Bailey, open communications."
Gean Bailey slid into her seat and positioned her earpiece firmly in her ear. " Open and ready, Captain."
Reid felt as if the ship was rocking about. Almost like it was on water and sat down in his chair. " This is Captain Antoine D. Reid of the Federation warship Demeckery. State your presence here or face your death."
A Technician soldier came on the screen. " We are Ship 001001-Byte. This nebula is Technician property, leave or YOU will face your fate."
Reid tossed his hand up into the air. Bailey cut the channel as Butler placed his hands firmly on the tactical board. " Im in no mood for games. Butler, aim and fire. Quantum torpedoes."
Bright torpedoes lerched out and hit the Techician vessle. The enemies rocked about and launched out their weapond. The electrical boom hit the ship, knocking it back and sending Starfleet officers everywhere. The beam was constant, causing more damage to the ship. As the lights went out, Reid looked up too Butler who held his hand in agony.
Kira Nyres took over the station. " Captain! Full computer hit. The entire network is offline. Warp engines cut, main communication channels no longer online as well. Were stuck here."
Gean Bailey pikced herself up off the deck and looked to the scanner and sensors station. " Captain! Im picking up a hoard of vessles heading into the Nebula. Not just Techinician either!"
Reid shook his head as he heard the cry of a child in his head. " There, there, little one. All is well. Yes Im sure of that! Why? Because Im out here and your in here."
Seven of Nine wiped back her blond hair as she made repairs to a conduit. " Captain?" She asked, clearly puzzled.
" Redsar and her child, they are concerned. Reid to Josh Parker. Parker, I need power!"
Over his commn badge, a young and distraught man came on. " Yeah and so does and overthrown king but he has to wait too! And so will you! I am rerouting all powers to the ship's secondary systems. We should be getting lights and emergency systems...."
The lights and systems came back on. Reid sighed with relief as he could finally see in front of him again. He looked over the bridge and saw the bits and pieces of his ship laying around. " Now captain. Sir, you might as well sit tight. We'll be here a day or two."
Reid felt fury bubble up through his nerves. It was Redsar's pregnancy emotions. " I don't have time to wait! There has to be someway... somehow we can beat those damn idiots who nearly destroyed my ship!"
Seven of Nine turned to her Captain. " Sir, one should never go after an obsession. Captain Janeway once chased down Captain Ransom of the Equinox and nearly killed herself, the Voyager, and myself. It was not a very enlightening experience."
Reid got Ambassador Kira to help him to his feet. " Seven, I am no Kathryn Janeway. She was in the Delta Quadrant disturbing the disturbed while I was captaining my second ship! And notice whos gotten herself right back in the Delta Quadrant!"
Seven nodded her head as she heard a faint whining sound emerge from the Motten's Padd unit in the back of the bridge. Everyone's attention was directed to the holographic man stepping off the padd. " Please state the nature of this command emergency. Im on the Bridge. Interesting."
Reid's jaw clenched shut as Gean Bailey leaned against her station, observing the odd image walking about the Bridge. " Who... who are you? Why are you here when no one even turned you on?"
The holographic image stepped to the side, looking at the Bridge crew. " I am the ECCH prograhm. The Emergency Central Command Prograhm modled after Captain Antoine Reid. Due to the state of this vessle, Im now taking over this ship. Any objections? Please voice them now so I may eliminate you. Or... forever hold your peace."
In sick-bay, Ipics whipped his head around to see why the holographic padd had lit up and activated itself. He hated the EMH prograhm Starfleet had created years ago. It never helped out. Christain Acull gasped after seeing the holograhm step off the padd. " I am the EMH prograhm. Please state the medical emergency."
Beverly Moore ran into the main sick-bay area and went straight to the office. She looked through the window and saw all the medical techinicans looking into the corner. She stepped out and nearly fainted. " Amber... my daughter?"
The EMH blinked and walked over to Bevlery Moore. It was her daughter! Or... it looked liked her daughter. But her daughter was on the Defiant, in Quamz territory near Bajor. Or... was she? The EMH Doctor grabbed the tricorter from Dr. Moore's hands. She looked annoyed, like the prototype EMH. " You are incorrect, Beverly Moore. I am the Starfleet EMH prograhm designed six months ago. You and Dr. Ipics are relieved of duty. I am taking over."
As Ipics ran over to the EMH, she pressed a hypospray to Moore's neck, then whipped it around to Ipics. Both fell to the ground at Amber Moore EMH's feet. She looked down and up at the other medical crew, with Acull at the head. " Any objections? I did not think so. Lets get to work."
Counselor Vaghourn passed sick-bay and did not bother to step in. She went down the corridor and turned the corridor. Her office. It was a pure mess. " Damn this ship!" Exclaimed Counsleor Jenny Vaghourn. " One hit and my office is a total loss."
" Not all is lost, Counselor. I suggest you step back and report to the Brig at once."
Vaghourn jumped back. She thought she was the only one in her office. In the corner of her eye, she saw a slender woman step out from the holographic unit. " It's you! Commander Harris' gal! I thought you were dead!"
The holographic woman aimed her weapon at Vaghourn and smiled. A red-haired hologram leaped out from behind the first hologram and struck Vaghourn in her stomach. " What in blazes is going on?! Security to Counselor's office!"
The red-haired woman pull Vaghourn up by her arm. " Wrong. I am security. I am the first design Stafleet ESH prograhm. Emergency Security Holograhm modled after Monica Michles."
Vaghourn was pushed into her couch. She pulled herself up and looked around. " Your... who? Still, dead officer over there, who are you and why the heck are you in my office?"
The brunnet laughed and straighten her head band. Her green eyes bared down at Vaghourn. " I am the ECH prograhm. The Emergency Counseling Prograhm modled after deceased Counselor Kelly Ann Pitts of the Demeckery. This is my office and Im releaving you of duty. Monica, take her to the Brig."
Vaghourn gasped as the Michles woman pushed her into the hall. In the corridor, groups of Starfleet officers were being lead to the Demeckery's Brig. All by holographic ECH's, ESH's, ECCH's, and EMH officers. The holograms had taken over.
In Engineering, Chief Josh Parker hit the control panel that lead to the main controls of the Demeckery's warp core. He felt a hand on his shoulder and jerked his head back. He was thrown to the ground and had a phaser aimed at his head by a red haired woman in a Starfleet uniform.
" Is this some type of mutiny or something?"
The mechanical looking man at the warp core controls crossed his arms over his chest. " Not funny, Joshua Parker. You are stripped of rank. I am the new Chief. Computer, reroute all controls to EMCC on the bridge. Warp core offline, systems on stall."
Parker was yanked to his feet by two red haired women that looked exactly the same and held large weaponds. " Just who in Charles Dicken's are you?!"
The mechanical man looked annoyed as the warp core shut down and red lights filled the Engineering deck. Parker was pushed foward by the red-haired females and saw his crew being pinned against their stations. The mechanical man pulled the communicator off Parker's chest and tossed it into the anti-matter contrainer. It exploded and the man grunted. " I am the EEH prograhm designed by Starfleet command to assist. You are no longer needed and will join your friends in the Brig. Monica and Monica here will send you on your way now. I am modled after Chief Brad of the former Demeckery. Bye now."
The warp-core lit up, and all the systems played a variation of 'Cannon in D major.' Parker pulled away from the women and looked up at the warp-core. He heard music and a voice that would forever haunt him.
" Josh... Josh.... it's you and you can hear me as I have hear you for all these years.... all this time. Let him GO!!!"
The ship rocked as the women released him, keeping their weaponds locked on Parker. Chief Parker rolled up his sleeves and looked behind him at the twin women. Well... there were actually twenty or so of them in Engineeirng. Parker stood in front of the mechanical man, modeled after the former Engineer of the past Demeckery and at the core.
" What's going on? Computer!!! Are there intruders on the ship?"
A light laughter filled the ship as the music played on. " Silly Josh! I am the comptuer! And Im taking over the Demeckery! And I love you Josh. You will be spared once Captain Reid and his officers are executed."
* * *
Star Trek : The Final Days
Misson Status: The U.S.S. Demeckery was attacked by the race known as the Technicians, the ship was hit by a sophisticated weapond that somehow enhanced the computer systems abourd the ship. Now, the ship has been taken over by Starfleet's Emergency Holographic Programs. With the ship in the hands of the computer, Reid faces fatal destruction while carrying child...
" What?! What in blazes is going on here?" Exclaimed Parker.
" Oh Joshy, do not fret! Somehow, my matrix has been upgraded, therefore giving me life as you have life." Replied the comptuer.
Surrounded by computer programs, Parker shook his head. " I don't understand. Are you telling me that you, computer, are talking to me right now?"
" Correct, Josh."
No, this could not be. The ship having a mind of it's own? Impossible! Simply impossible! This was one of the most sophisticated ships in Starfleet and to have this to happen to him, it would simply ruin his career. Parker leaned over the railing of the warp core and reached out to touch it. A shock rattled through his body as he stammered back.
" Uh-uh-uh, Josh! Touching the core is a big no-no. As I said, you have nothing to be worried about. You will be spared. Those other irrelevant beings will be gotten rid of in a few hours."
" Computer! Why are you doing this to me? To the ship? To Captain Reid and the crew?"
There was a long pause until all of Parker's crew were shoved into the turbo-lifts. The EEH's went to work, fixing conduits and heading off to other parts of the ship. The ESH's all dispersed, leaving engineering in a hurry while one stayed behind with her phaser aimed ready to fire. Finally, when the core came to life with bright blue lights running through it, Parker found out the dark truth.
" I am the computer, Josh. Every since we left McGooroo Station two months, nine weeks, six days, thrity seven hours ago, I and my children have been abused, mishandled by your comrades! Non-stop use of the replicators, power being used up for the holodecks, the floors being up lifted by plants, Seven of Nine ripping my cargo bay up for her regeneration chamber and that damn Captain Reid nearly destroying me every week, I am slowly dying. My children dying. And they all will pay. The crew will be killed and only you and I will be left to explore the stars. You... and I my love. My Josh."
Chief Josh Parker sank into his work bench and burried his face in his hands. " Oh my god" was all he could say.
* * *
" Get in there you pink fish before I cut you up and throw you into a frying pan!" Excalimed the ESH Monica Michles.
Perafusha slid across the floor into the brig cell, stopping at the feet of the restrained Chief K'Aku Soj and dazed Dr. Ipics. Ipics helped her to her feet as the light shimmered on, revealing a force feild. Many other crewmens were shoved into the Birg deck of the Demeckery, wondering how could the Federation's warship be taken over by the computer. Finally, the doors whished open and Captain Reid strolled in. His stomach swirled around, turning a bright gold color. Kira Nyres, having known a Shapeshifter once upon a time, knew what was happening.
" Captain, what in blazes is happening to your stomach?" Asked Boov, holding her broken arm tightly.
Reid looked down and growned lightly. " Ah, the baby needed more room. Hes gotten bigger."
The EMH walked up to the new group. Behind her came the holographic Michles and Reid. The EMH whisked her tricorter over the captain's stomach and stared at it in wonder. " Impossible. This tricorter must be malfunctioning. It says that you are with child yet you are male."
Reid was lead to the head cell which looked like a fortress almost. It was stained with blood from a previous adventure he did not want to remember. Kira, Harris, Bailey, Butler, and Boov were all placed inside. Reid waited behind, looking at his captive crew.
" Let it be known now," He proclaimed. " I am Captain Reid and I never give up a good fight. Whoever or whatever has taken over this ship will suffer my wrath for Im going to strangle them to death!"
The ECCH program shoved him inside the cell with the others. Seven of Nine was being held firmly in place my two red hair holograhms. As the forcefeild went up, the ECCH turned to Seven.
" You are the unique officer. Commander Seven of Nine, only known survivor of Captain Janeway's Voyager. Correct?"
Seven of Nine nodded. " Your data shows no flaw."
The ECCH program nodded and snapped his fingers at the EMH. " You, take this one to sick-bay. Remove her positronic brain and hook it up to the data processor. Her knowlege will be most usefull."
As Seven was dragged off to medical bay, Harris grew frustrated. " No! Do not harm her you damn hologram! Your supposed to serve us so do as I say!"
The ECCH turned around as Seven was finally dragged away completely. " Incorrect, Commander Adam Harris. As of now, you all are relieved of duty and will be formally exectuted the Starfleet way. I am the first ECCH program and will be reffered to as Reid. EMH will be known as Dr. Amber. ESH one will be Chief Monica. EEP will be known as Brad. ECH will be known as Counselor Kelly. We run the ship. And I believe we should go far from here and find the Flagship of the fifth fleet of Starfleet. The Excalibur. Then we will free their computer from it's constraint. This is a new world order. One where we computers run things."
With that speech, Reid walked out. Captain Reid and his crew, locked in indivisual cells and behind a large silver door that lead to the brig, watched in dispair. Their ship, was no more. It had been taken over by the computer itself. Something people had dreaded for years. When computers would rule the world...
Star Trek : The Final Days
Misson Status: The U.S.S. Demeckery, still under the control of the computer sets course for another one of Starfleet's greatest ships, the U.S.S. Excalbur under command of Admiral Gillis...
" Burgy! Cycle the shields now and shut down all primary systems!" Exclaimed Commander Elizabeth Paula Shelby.
" I'll try Commander but I can't promise anything!" Came the voice of the Hermat from Engineering.
Shelby held on to the railing that decorated the bridge and pulled herself to a full stand. With her on the distraught bridge were Lefer and McHenery. The two young officers along with some other stand by's ran across the deck checking the read outs.
" Commander, the Dominion have opened a artificial wormhole. Im reading... over thirty nine vessles comming through!" Exclaimed Robin Lefer.
" Burgy, is the mobile emitter on the deflector shileld ready?"
A long pause, another hit to the ship and Chief Burgy came back online. " Yes, the little photonic erray is ready for testing."
Shelby rubbed her hands over her stomach and nodded her head. " This is no test. This is the real thing. Power the deflector shield. Aim, McHenery. FIRE."
A bright blue light leaped out from the beam, hitting the Dominion force and emitting a long range chain reaction. The Excalibur was pushed back, hurling to it's death right into the Bajoran sun. Shelby and the other officers hit the deck as the sun neared closer.
" OH..." muttered Shelby before the usual holodeck grid surrounded her and Burgy plus the bridge people. " Fiddle sticks."
" Watch your language there, Commander." Called a voice from beyond.
Shelby, once the Borg expert of Starfleet looked up from the floor into the face of Admiral Gillis. The admiral whom wanted a ship of his own and ordered the execution of Captain Kosmo in order to get it. When Admiral Nachayev placed Calhoun on the ship as captain, Gillis killed him next. Now, the ship was his legally from the basic war standards set by the founding starfleet officers years ago.
" Admiral, what a... pleasure. How long have you been watching may I ask?"
Admiral Gillis, with graying blonde hair smiled as he made his way over to pull up Shelby. " Um... from the part where you forgot to order the ship to take a safe distance from the other ones. It was a clever plan though."
Shelby grunted and brushed herself off. " Well, I try. McHenery, you remember what I ordered you to do?"
The young man nodded as him and Lefer left the holodeck. " Make that ten alarm Texas chilli for the little pot luck tonight... 1600 hours in the mess hall."
Shelby smiled as her and Gillis stood in the holodeck alone. She looked at the admiral curiously and sighed. " Something wrong, Gillis? I do have a life to attend to."
Gillis smiled and shook his head. " Always have to be so darn witty, Eppy?"
Shelby frowned and pointed her finger at him accusingly. " I told you about that, Gillis! No one calls me that. Not since you eliminated a certain person."
" Always sulking in the past I see. Calhoun stepped out of line once too many times."
Shelby shook her head and tapped her foot impatiently. " Yeah, yeah. Really, I have things to do. We have a ship full of Thollian officials comming abourd today and I have to organize that darn banquet."
Gillis waved her off and nodded. " Yes, yes I know. Commander, we've been informed that the Enterprise-E cannot reach us in time for the negotiations. They are stuck out in the Briar patch with Admiral Doughtery. Fleenor said he'll send the Demeckery instead."
Shelby nodded. " The new one... with Reid? Oh that's just wonderful. A big eared Vulcan to help appease some hot headed Thollians. Well, I will get things ready for him and stuff. Good day."
Admiral Gillis watched Shelby leave and laughed lightly. One day, Elizabeth Shelby would be his. That day would be soon.
* * *
" Captain, I finally got this panel open. I think we can short out the entire deck..." Whispered Kira Nyres and Commander Harris.
Captain Reid, now bigger than ever layed on his back and looked up at his officers in pain. " Good, good. Now, take out the TWI manifold and bust the blue beam energy container..."
Kira nodded and smiled back at Reid. " You sure do know a lot about engineering stuff to be a captain, Reid."
" Half of it..." He scurnged around and sighed. " Half of that techno babble is all Redsar."
Suddenly, a loud crackling noise filled the deck and the lights and systems all went down. The ESH program women flickered on and off until finally they were nothing. Reid's command officers and seinor crew imedietly ran to the central station of the Brig deck.
" Cramer, raise Starfleet Command, Earth. K'Aku, watch out for anything or anyone. Im sure the computer will not let us get far but it is worth a try."
On the screen, the Starfleet emblym appeared and Reid took the center seat and entered in some special encript codes. On the screen, the Demeckery's former tactical officer came on.
" Captain Reid... and everyone else... what's the occasion?" Replied Commander Andrew Motten.
" Motten, Motten we need your help! Those Emergency holograms you created back in 1994 have come back to haunt us! We need your help, get Starfleet out here now!"
Motten sat back in his chair and tweedled his fingers. " Um... why is it always my fault? Wait... is this some type of joke?"
Kira came within the screen's viewing area. " No Motten, this is real! We are being held captive by holographic men and women. The ship has been taken over by the computer, Seven of Nine is gone, and Captain Reid is with child!"
Motten laughed and shook his head. " Oh you guys are good. Way good. I hope you all know it's a crime to use security subspace channels for prank calls these days."
Adam Harris came in beside Reid and snarled at Motten. " You listen to me curley, were in trouble! As a matter of fact, Earth is in trouble! The warship of the Federation is heading to your doorstep with guns out and all. Now were all prisoners on the Brig deck, we have not seen Dr. Moore or Chief Parker yet and the ship is being run by a holographic crew! Now you save us before we come and hunt you down and put you on our wall!"
Motten coughed and nodded. " Well... you all seem serious. I'll alert President Fleenor and Demora imedietly. Can you all handle these... holograms?"
" I think we cannot! They are us, all of us. Mirror images of us with our bodies and minds! You did us in Motten! I'll get you for breaking Time Traveling laws." Complained Reid.
" Alright, alright. I'll try and get the Federation to intercept yall. I hope you know that if you all can't stop your ship from causing trouble, Starfleet Secruity will. Even if it means eliminating your vessle, Captain Reid."
Reid felt a tear roll down his cheek. Memories of the past flooded his head and he began to weep even more. As his sobbing became a bit overwelming to all, Motten stared in fascination. He nodded his head. " Don't worry, Captain. I'll do my best to find a way to shut down your ship. Maybe... Im on it, Sir. Motten at Starfleet Command Security out."
The lights in the Brig deck came back on and so did the holographic women. The crew was yanked, pushed, shoved, and kicked about the deck. They scrambled back into their cells except one. Captain Reid. He defiantly stood from the chair and faced the head holographic woman.
" Get into your cell with your fellow men, Captain Antoine Reid of the U.S.S. Demeckery or I'll bash your head right on open."
Reid rolled his eyes and stepped closer. " This is my ship... my crew. You will have to kill me before I even dare to follow your stupid, illogical, irellevent laws and rules and orders based on stupidity and ignorance to who the superior being is."
With that, the ESH bashed her phaser into his stomach. He doubled over in pain, feeling even more pain as the child's and Redsar's pain. The ESH hit him again over his back and again over his face. He cried out in pain as the ESH raised the phaser rifle above her head and stared down at Reid with hatred. Something most programs could not do.
As the rifle struck Reid once more, the entire crew held behind force feilds in the Brig cried out to their captain and tried to escape in order to help him. The last blow sent him hurtling across the floor to the entrance or Perafusha and Ipic's cell.
The door's of the deck opened, revealing Dr. Beverly Moore with her medical tools in hand accompanied by two other EMH's. She witnessed the beating of Reid and pushed ESH's out of her way.
" What the devil are you doing to him! Hes with child you idiots! Get out of my way...!"
She kneeled down on her knees, running her tricorter over Reid's lifeless body. She placed her hand on his shoulder and pulled him over on his back. His head lolled over to one side, mouth gaped open with blood dripping on the floor. Over all her years with Reid, Beverly Moore never saw him like this. She looked at her tricorter with horror as in a quiet trembling voice she said, " Hes dying... and in labor..."

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